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The board of the Albany Convention Center Authority (ACCA) approved a series of contracts to update the market analysis of a scaled-down version of an Albany Convention Center.

The Capital Region received a major announcement in regard to the area in Albany known as Park South.

Now that it's summertime, the formal education is over for a few months but reading and learning never ends.

The New York State Assembly passed legislation authorizing a constitutional amendment to be put before New York’s voters this November, allowing up to seven full, non-tribal casinos to operate in N

As my first legislative session comes to a close, it is a time to reflect on the successes and disappointments of this past session. Successes are as follows:

As a member of the New York State Assembly representing a portion of the City of Albany, and as a newly appointed member of the Albany Convention Center Authority (ACCA), I feel compelled to commen

This past Monday the New York State Assembly passed a 2013-14 state budget proposal that would increase education funding, spur job growth, provide mandate relief for local governments and protect

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for your continued support and efforts over the last six months.

Since April 27 I have been privileged to be running for the position of Assembly member of the 108th Assembly District to replace retiring Assemblyman Ron Canestrari.