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This past week the New York State Comptrollers office reported out the return of the NYS Pension fund as of March 31st of this past year.

The 2014-15 budget includes $438.1 million for the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) and dedicates an additional $40 million in funding to help local governments repair local roads a

One of the more pleasant and unexpected components of the recently passed NYS 2014-15 budget is a $4.1 million increase to the NYS EPIC plan which helps those over 65 with affording medications.

The recently passed 2014-15 state budget helps grow our higher education system by providing $10.4 billion for SUNY.

The approval of the 2014-15 state budget provides much-needed tax relief while working to create jobs and ensure a better economic outlook for New York state.

One of the more debated items during this years budget is the Tax Freeze as proposed by Governor Cuomo.

I was pleased to see the announcement this week of a bipartisan agreement has been reached by the Assembly, Senate and governor to implement the “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act.” The

The Assembly budget proposal delivers $1.1 billion in property tax relief.

The Assembly budget proposal for SFY 2014-15 provides $280 million more in local government assistance funding, to benefit New York City and local governments, than the Executive’s budget.

Today the Assembly passed a state budget proposal that would increase aid to schools by nearly $1.1 billion for SFY 2014-15, the largest increase in six years (E.914).